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Madras Rockhound Pow Wow
The All Rockhounds Pow-Wow Club of America, Inc.


Madras Pow Wow

Spring Dig

Fall Dig

2019 Fall Album


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Note from the president

Hello fellow ARPWCA Board and club members, stressful times are still upon us with this coronavirus pandemic

With all the risk of illness that is out there, our shows for the spring and summer have been cancelled
We are expecting the pandemic to subside by the end of summer and are planning the 2021 Fall Dig.

Mission Statement

As a non-profit organization The All Rockhounds Pow-Wow Club of America, Inc
intends to stimulate interest in the Earth Sciences

All phases of the rock collecting and stone cutting hobby, lapidary trades, demonstrations, and showcasing such materials as maybe used for educational, social, cultural or scientific enlightenment will be included

The club will cooperate with proper authorities and other interested parties in preserving and protecting objects of historical and archeological values and promote safety and respect for the property rights of others while rock hunting